January 2018

The year 2017 is over and we’d like to thank you friends for your favor. We appreciate your support and we are very happy you are able to value our work. And it’s really hard work:) … it’s no fun and we must be a very daring to stay on a stage in front of a very orthodox audience (in many cases) to be compared with such celebrities as Dave Gahan and Martin Gore are. And thanks to you, we always find a courage. Some people think that a revival or tribute bands are the imitators and they expect the same looking persons on the stage … best as doubles :). We have a clear message for these people … we are not DM, we will never be, nor even think of ourselves. We love DM, and we like to listen to their music and we also play their music. We love you and wish you a good health happiness and love in 2018 🙂 DM Forever